LEOS/EDS Chapter Information

Local Committee Chair

Dr Malin Premaratne

Malin joined the IEEE in 1995, and is actively involved as a volunteer.
He holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Electrical
Engineering with First Class Honours and Doctor of Philosophy, all from
the University of Melbourne. During last few years, Malin has involved
with leading startups in photonic area such as RBNI, VPIsystems, Ceynex,
Tellium, Ciena and Agility Communications either as a employee or a consultant.

Currently, he is an editor of the Optical Networks Magazine, an Honorary
Senior Fellow of The University of Melbourne and a Senior Lecturer at
Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering at Monash University.

Links of Interest

Victorian Photonics Network is a industry networking organisation aiming to develop a photonics cluster
within Victoria.