Deakin Student Branch Activities – 2017


So many wonderful and exciting events happened in 2017.

  • Election (29/05/2017, na1.418, Deakin Waurn ponds)
  • BBQ day (18/07/2017, in front of ke building, Deakin Waurn ponds)
  • Visit Carbon Nexus (19/09/2017, Carbon Nexus, Deakin Waurn ponds)
  • Arduino workshop (20/09/2017, na1.418, Deakin Waurn ponds)
  • EEG (electroencephalogram) workshop (26/09/2017, na1.418, Deakin Waurn ponds)
  • 3D printing workshop (25/10/2017, Ke1.203, Deakin Waurn ponds)
  • Gathering with new students (22/11/2017 na1.418, Deakin Waurn ponds)
  • Most improved student branch (07/12/2017 AGM [IEEE Victorian Section Annual General Meeting and Dinner], 220 Leicester StreetCarlton, VIC 3053)


Election (29/05/2017)

Chair: Arash Mohammadi

Vice-Chair: Parham M. Kebria

Secreter: Julie Iskander

Treasurer: Khaled Saleh



BBQ day (18/07/2017)


Visit Carbon Nexus (19/09/2017)


Arduino workshop (20/09/2017)


EEG (electroencephalogram) workshop (26/09/2017)


3D printing workshop (25/10/2017)


Gathering with new students (22/11/2017)

Most improved student branch (07/12/2017 AGM)

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