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IEEE Victorian Section

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Signal Processing Society Chapter Information


Welcome to the Victorian Chapter of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. This Chapter was formed in December 2001 in order to enhance the Victorian Signal Processing community. The Signal Processing Society's areas of interest are the theory and application of filtering, coding, transmitting, estimating, detecting, analyzing, recognizing, synthesizing, recording, and reproducing signals by digital or analog devices or techniques. The term signal includes audio, video, speech, image, communication, geophysical, sonar, radar, medical, musical, and other signals.

The main activities organised by the Chapter are Signal Processing talks, seminars, workshops, site visits and conferences. These events allow us to further our knowledge in the field as well as provide an opportunity to share ideas and network with our colleagues. Presentations of general interest to those working in or interested in Signal Processing are given by local experts or visiting lecturers. I encourage you to contact me if you or someone you know would be able to contribute a talk to our technical program.

Robert Slaviero - Chapter Chair (

Local Committee

The Signal Processing Society Victorian Chapter Committee currently consists of:

If you would like to become part of the Signal Processing Society Victorian Chapter Committee and volunteer your time and efforts to help organise events and contribute to the work of the committee, please contact Robert Slaviero.

Past Events

2013-07-29A Look into the Bionic Eye
2013-05-01Importance of Intelligent Signal Processing for Perimeter Security Systems
2013-04-24Managing the Spectrum Crunch
2013-01-22Data-Driven Analysis and Fusion of Medical Imaging Data
2012-12-12IEEE Victorian Section - AGM Dinner
2012-12-04Twenty years of Sphere Decoding
2012-11-19The BAR Monitor: A Model Based Method for Monitoring Brain Function
2012-11-07Enabling technologies and capabilities for future manufacturing innovation – opportunities and challenges
2012-09-24Learning to See: Complex Visual Processing in Insects and Implications for Machine Vision
2012-09-05Swarm Intelligence
2012-08-01How is Environmental Noise Perceived and how should it be Measured in spite of Established Practice?
2012-05-02Guided Tour of the Victorian Telecommunications Museum
2012-03-27Advances in Multi-Electrode Recording Technology and Implications in Research
2011-12-09Progress toward high- performance brain-machine interfaces
2011-12-07Image Quality for the Social Media Era
2011-11-02Visible Light Communications: The Next Frontier for Wireless Communications?
2011-10-05Bill Armstrong: Contributions to the History of Audio Recording in Australia
2011-09-06Digital Signal Processing: Road to the Future
2011-03-21Advanced Coding Tools for HEVC (H.265 Video Compression)
2010-12-06Biological Applications of Signal Processing
2010-10-18Graphical Processor Units: A Future Trend in Processing
2010-04-19Advanced Software Solutions for Signal Processing Applications using MATLAB^r
2010-03-29FPGA Implementation of a Near-ML Sphere Detector for 3G LTE and 802.16e Broadband Wireless Systems
2009-12-10New fractal and symbolic methods for nonlinear signal and image processing
2009-12-07ISSNIP'09, 7-10 Dec 2009 - Fifth International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing
2009-07-28Random Finite Sets in Stochastic Filtering
2009-05-25The Autocorrelation Function, Key to Woodward’s Resolution Theory
2009-02-16Computer-based Lip-reading using Motion Templates
2008-12-16Digital Video Image Quality and Perceptual Coding
2008-09-30Digital Signal Processing in Next Generation Communication Systems
2008-09-30Digital Signal Processing in Next Generation Communication Systems
2008-09-29Multirate Digital Signal Processing for Communication Systems
2008-09-29Tutorial: Multirate Digital Signal Processing for Communication Systems
2008-08-12Bayesian Object Tracking in Clutter
2008-06-11Security in Black & White and Image Forensics
2007-12-03 Third International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing ISSNIP 07
2007-10-15The Monitoring, Evaluation and Management of Environmental Noise - Especially Aircraft Noise
2007-09-28Coherent Optical OFDM for Long-haul Fiber-optic Transmission Systems
2007-07-10Tunable Bandwidth Digital Filters
2007-07-10MIMO-OFDM System Implementation on Platform FPGAs: Architecture, Design Flow and Real-time Testbeds
2007-06-18Satellite Ground Stations for Remote Sensing
2007-03-15Current Measurement Technology
2006-10-30An Overview of Algorithms for Lossless Compression of Images
2006-08-31A Universal Debugging Solution for DSP & Embedded Software Development - using Open Standards
2006-07-31Signal Processing - An Inverse Problem Perspective
2006-03-20Packet speech on the Arpanet: A history of early Linear Predictive Coded (LPC) speech and its accidental impact on the Internet Protocol
2005-12-07Truly Disappearing Electronics - From Ultra Low Power to New Computational Paradigms
2005-10-03Vision Systems Engineering @ Monash
2005-08-15Smart e-Textile Uniform (SeTU) for Future Soldiers & Human Empowered Interfaces
2005-07-04Next Generation Wireless LAN: an Application for Multiple Antenna Technology
2005-05-09Managing Voice Quality on VoIP Networks
2005-04-18What do FPGAs mean to the Future of Embedded Systems?
2005-01-27The Future of FPGAs
2004-09-13Challenges & Trends in Smart Sensor Networks
2004-07-14A Most Efficient Digital Filter - The M-Path Recursive All-pass Filter - Applied Magic in DSP Land
2004-06-09Digital Signal Processing, Resonant Recognition Model and Bio-sequence Analysis
2004-05-13Recent Developments in Signal Processing for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2004-03-11A Self Coherence Technique for Anti-Jam GPS
2003-10-29Digital Speech & Hearing Technology
2003-09-03Digital Watermarking: an overview of the technology and applications
2003-07-29Multiple Antenna Transmission and Reception: Capacity Considerations, Signal Processing, and Space-time Code Design
2003-07-07Digital Video Technology and Visual Information Processing
2003-03-26Evolutionary Computation: Darwinian Thinking Solves Real-World Problems
2003-03-05Wavelets, Approximation and Compression: Is there Life after JPEG2000?
2003-02-03Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Methods in Engineering, Medicine & Biology
2002-09-10Machine Learning using Support Vector Machines
2002-08-29Advanced Optimisation Algorithms and Statistical Measures : Applications to Digital Signal Processing for Voice Separation and Recognition in Hearing Aids
2002-07-01Architectures & Signal Processing for Wireless Transceivers
2002-06-03Modeling from Reality: Photometric Aspects
2002-05-28OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
2002-04-30DSP based Speech Coders & VoN Systems

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