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IEEE Victorian Section

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Power and Energy Society Chapter Information

Local Chapter Chair

Dr Robin Lisner

Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering
Monash University
Wellington Road, Clayton, VIC 3800

Past Events

2013-04-23Continuous Monitoring of Power System Assets in a Smart Grid Environment
2013-02-20Power System Restoration After Significant Disruptions
2012-12-12IEEE Victorian Section - AGM Dinner
2012-11-13AC versus DC Power Distribution - A 21st Century Perspective (Rescheduled to 13 Nov 2012)
2012-11-02National Broadband Network Seminar
2012-08-28The Changing Face of the National Electricty Market in Australia
2011-11-09Practical Lessons from Wind Farm Collector Systems and Interconnections
2011-11-07Beyond Blackouts and Natural Disasters: Recovery and Advancements for a Smarter Grid for the Future
2010-08-10Towards a Zero-Emission Future for Australia
2009-10-13Developments in Wind Energy - Generation and Network Integration
2009-05-12Demand Side Response and Its Impact on the Australian Electricity Market
2009-03-10Tidal Power Generation in Australia – Up and Running
2008-09-30Electrical Power Generation, from Nuclear Soviet to the EU in Lithuania
2008-07-23World Wide Trends in Electric Power Industry Market Operation
2007-11-22TransformerLIFE Research Centre Presentation and Tour
2007-09-17Energy Efficiency – Profit and Climate Change
2006-10-18The EastLink Project
2006-06-28Renewable Energy Update - Convergence of Technology and Government Policy
2005-09-15Future Energy Challenge - Young Australian Team Triumphs Over the World’s Best
2005-07-06Wave Power - From Dream to Reality
2005-05-24DCS (Distributed Control Systems) versus PLC
2004-12-08Power System Security Reviewed - Major Power System Blackouts in 2003 in North America and Europe
2004-09-15Future Energy Challenge - Young Australian Team Triumphs Over the World’s Best
2004-07-06State of the Art in Power Transformer Monitoring and Diagnostics
2004-03-18Power System Operation Utilising Alternative IT Solutions
2003-10-14Numerical Protection in Power Systems
2003-08-28High-Power High-Performance Industrial AC Drives - A Technology Review
2003-08-28Power Electronics - Past, Present and Future
2003-08-13Distributed Generation Technologies: A Sustainable Energy Solution
2003-03-12Recent Developments in Wind Energy in Australia

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