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IEEE Victorian Section

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LEOS/EDS Chapter Information

Local Committee Chair

Dr Malin Premaratne

Malin joined the IEEE in 1995, and is actively involved as a volunteer. He holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with First Class Honours and Doctor of Philosophy, all from the University of Melbourne. During last few years, Malin has involved with leading startups in photonic area such as RBNI, VPIsystems, Ceynex, Tellium, Ciena and Agility Communications either as a employee or a consultant.

Currently, he is an editor of the Optical Networks Magazine, an Honorary Senior Fellow of The University of Melbourne and a Senior Lecturer at Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering at Monash University.

Links of Interest

Victorian Photonics Network is a industry networking organisation aiming to develop a photonics cluster within Victoria.

Past Events

2013-05-14Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur: 30 Years of Photonic Start-ups in Academia and Industry
2012-12-12IEEE Victorian Section - AGM Dinner
2012-12-06Ultra High Capacity Optical Transmsission Systems
2012-11-02National Broadband Network Seminar
2012-08-30Green photonics: harnessing solar light with nano-antennas
2012-06-15Si Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuits
2012-02-27GaN-based Nanocolumn Emitters and Related Technologies
2011-05-05Spectrum sensing under uncertain channel modelling
2011-03-18Non-asymptotics in information theory
2011-02-16Silicon photonics: a new technology platform to enable low cost and high performance photonics
2010-12-10Control of Beams and Pulses in Nonlinear Photonic Lattices
2010-08-02Unification of MOS Compact Models with the Unified Regional Modeling Approach
2010-08-02More than Moore Era: Convergence of Bio-Nano-Information Technologies
2010-08-02Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Challenges in Modern and Future Integrated Circuits
2010-08-02New Insight of Resistive Switching in MIS Nano-scale Devices
2010-03-31Photonic Band Gap Materials: Light Trapping Crystals
2010-03-31Photonic Band Gap Materials: Light Trapping Crystals
2010-03-15The Future of Silicon Photonics
2010-01-13Recent Advances in Optical MEMS Technologies For Electrically-Tuneable Multi-Spectral Infrared Sensors and Arrays
2009-11-25Nematicons - Professor Gaetano Assanto
2009-11-13Quantum Structures for Infrared Detection
2009-11-04Nanowires for Optoelectronic Device Applications
2009-08-19Nonlinear Silicon Photonics
2009-05-22Micro-structured guided-wave devices for applications in optical communication and sensing
2008-04-11Photonic Crystals
2008-03-14Energy', Axial Fields, and Stress Tensors:
2008-02-25Controlling Light by Photonic Crystals
2007-06-27Applications of Optical Resonance to Biological Sensing and Imaging
2007-05-09A Green Internet
2007-03-27Shape recovery and recognition from single shaded views
2007-03-22WAN-in-Lab, and an overview of networking research at Caltech
2007-02-12Optimal Network Design: An Application in Underground Mining
2006-09-185 Years for a Basic Engineering Education
2006-08-25Moore's Law for Clocks
2006-07-21De-mystifying WAN Optimisation
2005-09-26Quantum Well and Quantum Dot Intermixing for Optoelectronic Device Integration
2005-09-06Small Brains, Smart Minds: Vision, navigation and 'cognition' in honeybees
2005-02-09On Complex Dynamical Networks
2004-11-10New Age Fiber Crystals
2004-04-27Characterization of 40 Gbit/s pulses generated with an amplitude modulator
2004-03-25Microplasma Devices in Semiconductors, Ceramic and Polymer/Metal Multilayer Structures: Photodetectors, Optical Amplifiers, and Arrays
2004-03-19IP and Optical Integration: Design Choices and Tradeoffs?
2004-02-23Ultra-short pulse generation in optics
2003-10-23Forum on Synchrotron Radiation in Photonics and Related Industries

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