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IEEE Victorian Section

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Computer Society Chapter Information

Local Committee

Nasir Uddin (Chair)
Dr. Lito Cruz (Vice-Chair)
Annick Boghossian (Secretary)
Atefeh Khosravi (Treasurer)
Krupal Gandhi (Assistant Secretary)

George Shafik (Member at Large)
Goce Ristanoski (Member at Large)
Dr Andre Oboler (Member at Large)
K. S. Vijayalayan (Member at Large)
Dr. Kevin Korb (Member at Large)
Dr. Ron Van Schyndel (Member at Large)

Past Events

2013-07-29A Look into the Bionic Eye
2013-07-04Career Assistance Workshop
2013-04-05The Problem with Big Data
2013-02-26Microsoft and Amazon, A comparison of approaches to cloud security
2012-12-12IEEE Victorian Section - AGM Dinner
2012-11-02National Broadband Network Seminar
2012-10-30SIGNAL AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHODS - In Preservation of Cultural Heritage
2012-10-30Exploring Information Terrain
2012-10-03Collaborating with the Crowd: Social media & Web 2.0 for public sector engagement
2012-08-15The Problem with Big Data
2012-04-10Applications of Video and Audio Analytics
2012-03-27Advances in Multi-Electrode Recording Technology and Implications in Research
2012-02-23The Greening of Data Centres
2011-12-09Progress toward high- performance brain-machine interfaces
2011-06-02Computing Ethics with Edwin Black
2011-03-17Software Engineering for Research Environment
2011-03-16Testing the Non-Testable Programs
2010-11-24Evolutionary Optimisation and Constraint Handling
2010-09-16Copyright vs Community in the Age of the Computer Networks
2010-06-29Experiences with WordPress
2010-06-02Total Sustainability Indicator for GREEN ICT
2009-10-01Bayesian Artificial Intelligence
2008-06-11Security in Black & White and Image Forensics
2007-07-13Compression and Transfer of Spectral Images
2007-05-09Building a Machine with Visual Thinking Capabilities
2006-03-27Foundation Matters
2004-05-10Dawn of the E-Bomb
2003-03-26Evolutionary Computation: Darwinian Thinking Solves Real-World Problems
2002-12-12Shape Understanding System: visual thinking as part of understanding process
2002-09-16Intellectual Property and Patents

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