• Volunteers

    We are a volunteer organisation with around 2,100 members, part of the 400,000-member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Approximately 100,000 of these members are in the Asia-Australasia area known as Region 10. The Victorian Section includes the Tasmanian Sub-Section.

  • Many Fields

    Our members work in many fields, as can be seen from the list of Technology Society chapters . Most recently we have set up a Vehicular Technology Society chapter, joining our Communications Society, Computer Society and many other chapters.

  • Branches

    Our members are in all stages of their career, from undergraduate and graduate students through to Life Members. We have Student Branches at RMIT, Melbourne, La Trobe, Monash, Swinburne and Victoria University, and affinity groups such as Women In Engineering and Graduates of the Last Decade. We are currently setting up a Life Members Affinity Group.

  • Opportunities

    We organise activities for members based on the efforts of volunteers. The section holds around 50 Technical Meetings per year along with Conferences and Publications. Our quarterly electronic Section newsletter is Uplink. We have a wide range of opportunities for new volunteers.